Sunday, March 3, 2013

Failure and Success!

Okay guys. Truth is, I live in North America, where anytime between the months of October and March you can easily go into hypothermic shock if more than 30% of your skin is exposed. So the skirts all year thing didn't quite work out.

However, I learned a lot!

Modesty: I want it. Sometimes I have it. But sometimes I don't. With skirts, it's easy to fall into the latter category. What is too short in December is long enough for July. What is too tight in August is perfectly acceptable in February. How this happens, I don't know. (Maybe, just maybe, wearing coats allows for me to hide some of the tighter skirts.)

I want to be able to go out in public and not have people look at me and think, "Ahh! A hooker!" Not that I ever think that....

This past July, I was in the post office, waiting in line to buy some stamps, and the lady in front of me was wearing a long denim skirt, a modestly covering shirt, and loafers. Her young daughter next to her had a similar getup on, and both had almost waist-length hair. Of course, the first thought in my mind was "Woah... what strange cult-like sect of Christianity do you belong to?" Then, I looked down at my Nike shorts and tank top. It occurred to me that the message they were sending was one of modesty, chastity, purity, etc., while mine was one of a teenager who is self-interested, experiments with her boyfriend on Friday nights, and drives too fast. Is this an image I want to promote?

No. It's not. So while I have worn more pants this winter than I would have liked, I have made an effort to comb through my closet and give the tight ones to Goodwill. Loose slacks look more polished anyway.  No one needs to see me try to pour my legs into jeggings!

I'm still wearing skirts, but the shorter ones have been pushed to the back of the closet. I am coming to appreciate the merits of wearing "mermaid skirts" and tights under my uniform skirt.

I am counting my Skirts Every Day crusade as a bit of a flop, but my new appreciation of modesty as a success!

Ciao for now y'all!

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